About FabledHub

FabledHub is a project made by communities from different servers to create the perfect server! We are focussed on building friendships and just having a good time which is why PVP is disabled and why we are very welcoming to all new people. FabledHub offers you an economy-based survival server with various plugins to make your life easier. For instance, when you join you can random teleport, set homes, and claim your land to protect your builds. Additionally, you can silk touch spawners, easily mine veins of ore in a shift-click, auction off items you do not need and marry another player who you adore. To learn more about the plugins we use, join our Discord server! 

Our main goal was to create a space where everyone can be equal. Therefore, everything that can be purchased in our store can also be acquired in-game by saving up in-game currency and voting. In this manner, it allows everyone to have a fair chance in case you are not in a position to purchase from our store. Nevertheless, we are very appreciative if you do decide to donate, as a result, it will help us continue to keep the server online. Our team welcomes you to FabledHub and we are happy to have you here. If you do run into any issues regarding the store or server, feel free to open a ticket on our Discord where one of our staff members will help you further. Join our Discord server to stay in touch with our community and receive the latest updates!